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Terminal IDE

Terminal IDE is an expandable terminal application, with a full Java / C / C++ / HTML / Android development kit, that runs on your Android device. It uses the command line, with many powerful and robust open-source applications, plus a custom ASCII on-screen 'soft' keyboard that works well (Y...

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Smart Medical Reference - Lab Values, Drugs, Tests, DDX, PubMed, Spanish Dictionary and Terminology

This app is like a search engine for medical research paper and other medical related values, like drugs, tests values. The information in the app is comprehensive, and simply by typing in a keyword, you can find thousands of related research papers from the 1990s to the up-to-date ones.

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QQ International

Tencent QQ has developed into an Internet-based instant messaging (IM) software. Tencent QQ support online chat, video calls, peer HTTP files, share files, network drives, custom panel, QQ-mail and other functions, and can be connected to a variety of communication terminals. The users of QQ cont...

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