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Skeleton Premium

Another app from the 'visible body' series. As its name suggested, the app focus on the skeleton of body. There are animations and texts in the app that introduce the skeletal system of body. At the same time, you can study the structure and articulation of each body simply by clicking and draggi...

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Human Anatomy

This app is a is a simple educational quick reference app that contains the information of sixteen different biological systems. List of Contents: 1. Cardio Vascular System 2. Digestive system 3. Endocrine - Central Nervous 4. Endocrine - Reproductive 5. Endocrine - Alimentary 6. ...

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Hi-Med App

Hi-Med App is a powerful that teach you about the histology of bone, which includes composition of bone, formation of skeletal system, anatomical characteristics of bone, bone growth and bone healing (after fracture).

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Learn Organic Chemistry Nomenclature LITE

Learn Organic Chemistry: Nomenclature LITE will help you master the naming of organic compounds.

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