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Galaxy Collider

Galaxy Collider simulates the universe in your pocket. Galaxy Collider simulates the physics of interacting galaxies by computing the gravitational forces between the stars and the heavy galaxy centers. It features a high performance particle engine that can interactively visualize spectacular ga...

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Interactive RHC Tool

This app is a surgery simulator of pulmonary and cardiac surgery. You can monitor 'patient's' condition while performing your 'surgery' .

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Biology 101 Terms and Concepts

This app includes flashcards which provide the concepts and vocabulary foundation. You can also practice with hundreds of example questions customized to simulate the real exam.

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Kidney Diseases Facts: Urology Health Eval Tips Tool, Simulations Guide and Behavior with Renal & Dialysis Glossary Review!

This app is simply a glossary of kidney diseases, including the more common ones and some rare ones. This app serves to introduce common renal diseases to general public; also to help medical student to revise the list of renal diseases

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