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Kidney Diseases Facts: Urology Health Eval Tips Tool, Simulations Guide and Behavior with Renal & Dialysis Glossary Review!

This app is simply a glossary of kidney diseases, including the more common ones and some rare ones. This app serves to introduce common renal diseases to general public; also to help medical student to revise the list of renal diseases

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Diabetic Nephropathy Management Support - Mobile

This app is for students or general public, especially the risk group of diabetes to calculate their risk of having renal diseases or diabetes. The value is just an rough estimation that reflect the chance of the user acquiring such diseases.

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Oxford Handbook of Urology, Second Edition

This app includes various information like risk factor, diagnosis, treatment and management, pathology, etc. regarding various renal diseases.

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Renal Dose

This app provides users with a handy access to information on drug dosage adjustment in patients with renal diseases.

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51 Kidney Stones tips

This app includes some short tips about kidney stone for general public, including risk factors, possible causes, possible symptoms of acquire kidney stone, etc.

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