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Medscape is the leading medical resource most used by physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals for clinical information.The Medscape app is the highest rated, fastest growing free mobile app for healthcare professionals with over 4 million registered users.

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MIMS Hongkong

MIMS is traditionally a reference book used by the healthcare professionals (HCP). It comprehensively introduce drug information, so HCP can improve patient outcomes through safe and effective use of medication at every point of care instantly. Medical calculators, which is useful for healthcare...

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Renal & Urology News

This app includes a lot of articles and news about renal diseases and urology cases. It can be used as a reference for medical students and healthcare professionals. Researchers on urology and nephrology can also take the information in the app as reference.

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Physiology Medical Quiz

This app is basically a question bank with more than hundreds of question in it. It allows medical or biomedical student to review their learning progress. This questions are grouped according to the body system concerned and there are various difficulty of questions available.

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Prognosis-Your Diagnosis

Prognosis-Your Diagnosis presents an engaging series of clinical case scenarios which assess the decision making skills of the player.This APP test out your decision making skills in a risk-free environment, assess your clinical knowledge on the go and learn about diseases within minutes.

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Prognosis   your diagnosis