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BMI 3D - Body Mass Index in 3D

Body Mass Index Calculator with 3D body view. How would you look, when you loose 10lbs? Or when you start a workout and get muscles? Is it true, that body builders have a higher Body Mass Index? With BMI 3D you will get it. Enter weight and height and see a realistic 3D model of a man or woma...

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BitChem 2 - Chemical Equation

BitChem 2, an application is developed in order to assist student studying Chemistry. Current version offer 3 features, including Chemical Equation Dictionary, Calculate Molar Mass and Balance Chemical Equation. Chemical Equation Dictionary enable users to search by either reactants or products, ...

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In this ScienceWerkz book, in addition to videos, animations, and self-quizzes, you are challenged to think critically about what you learned and share your thoughts with others in a forum.

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Chemistry Assistant Free

Chemistry Assistant Free is a clean and elegant chemistry app that features interactive periodic table, necessary information about each element in the periodic table, instant search. This app will perform most general chemistry calculations for you, including calculating molar masses, mass perce...

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Opportunity uses a matching algorithm to connect you with professionals who can bring you sales, advance your career, help grow your network. Our matching algorithm takes the work out of networking by making you aware of people around you who need what you offer. We constantly search the overall ...

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