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Pubget: Science library

This app serves as a research paper library for medical and biomedical students. There are a large variety of research papers included in the app and students can use it as a source and reference when writing paper.

Type: App

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Skyscape Medical Library

Skyscape Medical Library is an application of medical information such as medical calculators and drug information. The first version is released over 20 years ago. It collect various clinical resources for over 800 topics. This APP is the only decision-support tool for nurses,physicians with ove...

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Skyscape medical library

Home Library - Free Books

Home Library is a very convenient software application for reading books which contains over 2,400 classic works of English literature and covers almost all genres: fiction, philosophical treatises, opinion journalism, memoirs, children's books and others.

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Home library

Dr Companion® Mobile Medical

This app basically serves as a medical library of yours. You can purchase various handbooks and reference books in the app and add them to your library so you can visit the books anytime easily.

Type: App

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