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High School Chemistry Quiz

Test and improve your knowledge answering the questions and learn new facts about Chemistry with this quiz.

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High school chemistry quiz 1

HS Chemistry Buddy

For students these types of applications can be very useful. The student who cannot focus on one type of learning at a time can flip back and fourth through the app to stay focused.

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Hs chemistry buddy 1

Inorganic Acids, Ions and Salts

The Inorganic Acids, Ions & Salts app is suitable for everyone from high school students to chemistry professors to learn names and formulas of all important inorganic acids, polyatomic ions and their salts.

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Inorganic acids  ions  and salts

Full Chemistry Questions

Full Chemistry questions is an offset of our complete chemistry. This app provides an extensive chemistry questions and solutions for secondary school / high school and undergraduate students. It covers both objective quiz and theory questions. Most of the questions were adopted from WAEC exam. I...

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All Formulas

All Formulas is a pocket handy formula sheet for maths, physics and chemistry all in the same app, with calculators for necessary formulas. Formula for area, volume, quadratic equations are included in the maths section. Formula for motion, electronic are included in the physics section. Periodic...

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