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Cardiac Planes, Step-by-Step

This app includes many x-ray films and help students to identify the axis of different heart x-ray films. There are both normal films and left / right axis deviation films available.

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There are numerous X-ray films in the app. It is good for medical student for revising knowledge related to reading a X-ray film. However, the app offers in-app purchase, thus, if you want to get access to all X-rays provided, you have to pay a few dollars to unlock.

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Cardiac Images

This app contains quite a lot of X-ray scanning and CT scanning films. Users can familiarise themselves with the relative location of different organs by studying these films.

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We The Economy

You’ve never seen the US economy in quite this way. Award­-winning directors and leading economic experts team up for a MUST SEE, incredible short­ film series that tackles 20 essential questions about our economy through comedy, animation, music, and dance. This interactive experience will leave...

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Hong Kong Movie

Hong Kong Movie brings you a one-stop experience from picking up your choices of movies, purchasing movie tickets to publishing movie reviews. Wherever and whenever you are, this award-winning app allows you to browse comprehensive movie information including movie synopsis, trailers, user review...

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Hong kong movie