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Chemical Equation Balancer

Chemical Equation Balancer is a chemical equation balancing application will balance all types of equations in a fraction of a second. Just type the equation in, making elements capitalized and compounds separated by a "+" sign and an "=" sign to show the other side, along with the products. Touc...

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BitChem 2 - Chemical Equation

BitChem 2, an application is developed in order to assist student studying Chemistry. Current version offer 3 features, including Chemical Equation Dictionary, Calculate Molar Mass and Balance Chemical Equation. Chemical Equation Dictionary enable users to search by either reactants or products, ...

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ASCVD Risk Calculator Pooled Cohort Equations - Cardiac Risk Assist

This is an research based app that help you calculate your relative risk of acquiring different kinds of CVDs. Further, the app introduces various common CVDs and provided the usually treatment for each type. Medical students and also treat the app as an revision tool of Cardiovascular diseases.

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Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator turns your phone or iPod into an intuitive high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator. Features include the following: Powerful yet easy to use scientific calculator, Quickly plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph, The graph view supports portrait ...

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All Math Formula

All essentials math formula and equations:

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