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Jobs by CareerBuilder

With the free Jobs app from CareerBuilder, you can quickly manage and apply to jobs with mobile ease. Seize career opportunities with the swipe of a finger. Apply to the most recent jobs from the largest job site in the US. You don’t have to have a CareerBuilder account to find and apply to jobs....

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Accounting and Business China

Accounting and Business addresses critical issues facing finance professionals. It includes high-profile interviews, news and technical updates and analysis. Dedicated regular sections focus on the corporate, practice and public sectors, as well as articles on CPD and careers. Accounting and Busi...

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Neuroscience Lippincott's Q&A

Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A is a review of neuroscience, which is combined highly relevant content with unmatched portability, this app lets you learn at your own pace, wherever life takes you.

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RefWorks is a browser-based tool which has the ability to help learners find the right research data, organize it, store it, and easily share it with their colleagues and collaborators. All of that research information and written work needs to be supported by proper citations, and RefWorks gener...

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Virtual Destination Platform

It’s a virtual event, an online tradeshow, a persistent environment. It’s a virtual career fair, a corporate learning environment, a sales kick off. It’s a place for connection and consumption. It’s a platform to deliver your virtual vision.

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