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Statistics Study provides descriptive statistics such as sum, sum of square, mean, sum of squared deviation, variance, standard deviation, median, mode, momentum, skewness, kurtosis, box-and-whisker plot, frequency table, Pearson correlation, Spearmann correlation and covariance.

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Statistics 1

"Intro Statistics E-Textbook with: lessons, flashcards, decision trees, a glossary, and a list of formulas and symbols. It's the perfect tool for students in an intro statistics course, or professionals who need a Stats 101 book on their phone."

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Basic Statistics

"Basic Statistics is nice app for Statistics students. It contain basic information from Statistics Lectures. One kind of hand note for Statistics study. This app included many short description. It will help to increase your exam score. Try it. If you like, don't forget to make a review. We are...

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Business Statistics

This is a basic 101 reference on statistics for managers. It includes case studies to demonstrate various techniques for real life scenarios in the following areas:

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Statistics Basics

Contains description,solved examples on the topics Range,Mean,Median and Mode.

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