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Medical Calculators

Pediatric Oncall's Medical Calculators an offline tool that is easy to use and instant results will be showed for all calculations during your practice.

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Intravenous Medications: Gahart

This app contains details of more than 400 common intravenous drugs. You can find the monograph, dosage, recommendations, and various info about IV drugs in the app.

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Rapid Medicine, 2nd Edition

This app can be used as a pocket reference and revision guide for med students and healthcare professionals. There are more than 200 types of common medicines and more than 350 types of clinical signs discussed in the app.

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Skyscape Medical Library

Skyscape Medical Library is an application of medical information such as medical calculators and drug information. The first version is released over 20 years ago. It collect various clinical resources for over 800 topics. This APP is the only decision-support tool for nurses,physicians with ove...

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Medical encyclopedia

This is an application designed by the University of Maryland Medical system. The app includes a wide variety of medical knowledge, like pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, pathology, selection of medicine, etc. and it is definitely a good medical encyclopedia for medical student. Further, you can fi...

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