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ACCA - Foundation In Accountancy (Financial & Management Accounting)

This APP is designed for Professional Accounting students to tighten up their knowledge. The questions are arranged topic by topic with test scores and test summary at the end of each section. Users will benefit from this APP which can be used as a revision tool while you are anywhere travelling ...

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Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Preparation study guide for animal care training and/or veterinary technician certification exams. The Animal Anatomy and Physiology app is a study guide that helps prepare you for a position as an animal care professional. This study guide app is suited to people wishing to develop sound founda...

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Base SAS Exam Guide

"Chapters * Basic Concepts * Referencing Files and Settings Options * Editing and Debugging SAS Programs * Creating List Reports * Creating SAS Data Sets from Raw Data * Understanding Data Step Processing * Creating and Applying User Defined Formats * Creating Enhanced List and Summary Re...

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Organic Chemistry Quiz

Organic Chemistry Quiz contains a set of Organic Chemistry Quizzes divided Chapter wise. Each Quiz contains several number of questions that contains multiple choice questions, out of which only one is correct. The app covers all the topics that are important for IIT-JEE preparation. With this ap...

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Live Happy

The app brings the users scientifically proven tips and ideas to live happier and more meaningful life by providing interviews with positive psychology and well-being thought leaders, including best-selling authors and happiness gurus. These leaders have knowledge on topics such as wellness, grat...

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