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Oxford Handbook of Infectious Diseases & Microbiology

This app serves as a mobile textbook and it includes all the information about infectious diseases and microbiology. There are diagrams and animations to help you understand concepts.

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Anti-HIV Med

It is a simple tool for users who are interested to know more about registered antiretroviral agents.

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HIV Manual Third Edition

This is an authoritative manual developed by the joint effort of local expertise that is catered for the need of managing a patient or suspected person with HIV infection.

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Click and Learn

Interactively explore topics in biology with the Click and Learn app. Each module features supporting videos and animations (Internet connection required). Learn about topics in Earth history and climate change, evolution, neurobiology, infectious diseases, bioinformatics, stem cells, RNA, obesit...

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Lybrate - Consult a Doctor

Lybrate has revolutionized the way people to take care of their health. We have more than 80,000 doctors registered with us from all over the country to help you lead a healthy and happy life. Be it about managing diabetes of your parents living in a different city, or finding solutions to variou...

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