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My Heart Counts

This is an app designed by one of the most renowned medical school in the world - Stanford University. The app doesn't just record your daily activity like the distance travelled, it also compare your record with other users record and the database and tell you whether your activity level is norm...

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心·活 Living with Heart

由香港中文大學心理學系多元文化與全人健康研究室團隊編制,食物及衛生局《衛生及醫護服務研究基金》贊助 這個手機程式中的課程,能提升你的生活質素及心理健康 註冊後,你會隨機分派到 靜觀生活、正向生活、慈心生活 當中其中一個課程。根據研究顯示,這些內容能提升心理健康。 程式擁有多項功能: 可聆聽及閱讀內容 多種提升心理健康的練習 心靈時鐘 紀錄心情 貼心信息 個人進度 研究問卷 首500位完成課程、課後問卷及跟進問卷的參加者,可獲得港幣100元現金或同等價值之現金券。問卷目的為檢討課程成效。個人資料絕對保密。 (info from https://p...

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Living with heart

Instant Heart Rate

This app allows user to check their heart rate anytime, anywhere simply by placing their index finger on the camera of the phone. Previous record can also be saved in the app and allow users to monitor whether they suffer from conditions like tachycardia or bradycardia.

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Heart Pro III - iPhone Edition

This apps provide all guides and informations regarding the anatomy an physiology of the heart.

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Heart pro iii   iphone edition

Structure of heart

This app is basically a 3D model of the heart. Simply by clicking and dragging, you can view the 3D heart from different angles and perspectives. You can also zoom in and out to appreciate the detailed design of the heart.

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