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Physics Handbook

Physics Handbook is a unique app that covers almost all general topics of Physics.

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Medical Handbook

the APP comprises an extensive data library on drugs and illnesses and is ready to help you become familiar with different diseases, learn their symptoms and various treatments and make your decision when choosing a medicine.

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W Chemistry Handbook

W Chemistry Handbook is an easy access to info about chemicals, elements and fundamental constants, as well as calculations for preparing solutions. This handbook allows you to look up info without having to type, and without storing large databases on your phone. The app uses an online search en...

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Oxford Handbook of Cardiology

This app is designed for cardiology trainees and junior doctor as well as consultant cardiologists. The app contains different findings, values and other useful information related to cardiology.

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Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry

This app includes comprehensive knowledge related to clinical psychiatry. The information and guideline in the app are also regularly updated and fully revised.

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