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Write Dance

For children aged two to five, one of the biggest hurdles in learning is writing. Write Dance - Learning Writing introduces the write dance principle originated from Europe and America. At classes, multisensory teaching is tailored according to learner’s age. The activities and games we develope...

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Write dance

Kids Math

With Kids Math children can choose levels Easy, Medium and Hard of mathematics exercises that included 4 operations(additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions), Maximum Number, Minimum Number, Sort Number from smallest number to the biggest number and children also can learn number typin...

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Child BMI Calculator

Ever wondered if your children have the appropriate weight? With this simple Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, you can figure out if your child is at an appropriate weight for his or her height and age according to the general reading table of the World Health Organization. The BMI is a measure ...

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Guess That Vegetable

"Guess That Vegetable" is the best Trivia Game,in this Trivia Game You will be able to Know different Vegetables. In this "Guess That Vegetable" , You Will get Question screen on that One of the Vegetables Picture by Identifying that Picture, You Have to Choose Right Answer, from 4 Possible Opti...

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Mastering Psychiatry

It is a comprehensive textbook covers common psychiatric conditions encountered in adults, children, adolescents and old people.

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