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Statistics Study provides descriptive statistics such as sum, sum of square, mean, sum of squared deviation, variance, standard deviation, median, mode, momentum, skewness, kurtosis, box-and-whisker plot, frequency table, Pearson correlation, Spearmann correlation and covariance.

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Statistics 1

"Intro Statistics E-Textbook with: lessons, flashcards, decision trees, a glossary, and a list of formulas and symbols. It's the perfect tool for students in an intro statistics course, or professionals who need a Stats 101 book on their phone."

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Business Statistics

This is a basic 101 reference on statistics for managers. It includes case studies to demonstrate various techniques for real life scenarios in the following areas:

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Statistics Pro

"Are you doing math with an abacus? No? Well, why are you using Z-score tables? Enter the mean and standard deviation of a bell curve, and this application computes the area under the curve to the left of any value you specify. Or, compute the value on a bell curve given the area beneath it."

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Statistics Study Guide

Boost Your grades with this illustrated quick-study guide. You will use it from an undergraduate school all the way to graduate school and beyond.

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