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Basic Statistics

"Basic Statistics is nice app for Statistics students. It contain basic information from Statistics Lectures. One kind of hand note for Statistics study. This app included many short description. It will help to increase your exam score. Try it. If you like, don't forget to make a review. We are...

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Statistics Basics

Contains description,solved examples on the topics Range,Mean,Median and Mode.

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Statistics Tutor

The goal of "Statistics Tutor" is to make statistics learning easier.

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Data & Statistics

"Data and Statistics has 240 questions with step-by-step solution for each. Topics are provided with formula listing, quick tips, fundamental approach and shortcuts. This application is NOT just a question bank. It take your preparation to next level by providing effective tools to monitor perf...

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Easy Statistics

"The Easy Statistics is a simple application, aimed at students of raw Statistics and serves to support the proposed exercises in the classroom. The application does not aim to do the exercises for you, but give you a result that you can compare their efforts and make corrections in their answer...

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