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TechSmith AppShow

A great tool for creating iOS apps preview/demo.

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RheumaHelper provides a complete toolbox of disease activity calculators and classification criteria for rheumatologist

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Asthma FAQ

Another FAQ from the developer Focus Medica. Similar to the Diabetes FAQ app, this app includes a list of commonly asked questions regarding Asthma, like the cause, risk factors, management, etc. of the disease

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Financial Accounting

You don’t have to be CFO to create financial indicators such as EBITDA, ROE, ROR etc. With our innovative approach to simple accounting forms you can insert your financials on the go and see the results instantly. *********************************** Software calculates automatically your com...

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InkPad Notepad Notes

This simple note-taking application makes it easy to write notes, auto-save ensures you never lose note content, and secure online backup/restore so you can access your notes when you move to a new phone.In case you have gone for shopping and realized that you forgot your item list you would repe...

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