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Magic Reminder

Magic Reminder regularly reminds you of saved notes so you remember and can apply them in the right situations. Store concepts you're learning in Magic Reminder in Q&A format. For example, a foreign word and its translation, or a term and its explanation. You don’t need to make a special time for...

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Pap Reader

This app provides support to clinical decision to the results of Pap smear.

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Learning Architecture

Free Notes on Learning Architecture for students and professionals . It covers 22 topics of Principals of Town Planning and Architecture in detail. These 22 topics are divided in 5 units.

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Hurst's the Heart Manual of Cardiology, Thirteenth Edition

This app introduces you to basic cardiology. With all the diagrams, graphics and animations in the app, you can surely grasp the knowledge a lot faster.

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ABC of Cancer Care

This app introduces you to basic principles regarding cancer care. The info include diagnosis, management, treatment, etc. and there are introduction to different treatments, like the toxicity and principle of chemotherapy.

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