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Vet Calculator

Vet Calculator is designed for the veterinary profession. This app provides a quick and easy way to do many calculations commonly performed in veterinary practice. It allows you to perform eleven different calculations including drug doses, fluid and energy requirements and infusions. It also per...

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Vet calculator

Anti-HIV Med

It is a simple tool for users who are interested to know more about registered antiretroviral agents.

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Omnio: Your personalized, all-in-one clinical resource

This app offers all-in-one clinical resource for medical students and healthcare professionals. You can find various up-to-date research findings, medical guidelines, drug guides, disease guides and more useful information in the app

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Chemical Dictionary

This Application contains over 1000 "Chemical Terms" along with their Scientific Definitions. The user of this application can search for Definitions for certain chemical terms. The user can also share the content of this application through the different social networks. The chemical terms cover...

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BB pocketcards

BB pocketcards includes invaluable resource reference for healthcare students who need a lot of information about medical conditions and treatments in a small package. The app contains more than 30 pocketcards spanning over 11 different therapeutic categories. The selection of essential topics gi...

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