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R Programming

"R is the leading programming language for statistics and data analysis. In this introduction to R, you will master the basics of this beautiful open source language such as factors, lists and data frames. With the knowledge gained in this course, you will be ready to undertake your first very o...

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Mavenlink is an online collaboration solution that allows you to manage projects from start to finish, including communications, docs, tasks, scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and payments. Mavenlink integrates with Google Docs, Calendar, and Contacts. Your networks, communications, project no...

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SHAPE Cardiovascular Risk Assesement

This is an app that helps you calculate the risk of a person acquiring CV diseases. Just type in all information like age, lifestyle, etc. and the app will generate a set of data for you.

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Emergency Central

This app includes various information, like dosing, calculators, clinical data, etc. for emergency medicine and the A&E department.

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Medicine at a Glance, 4th Edition

This app includes a lot of quite guides to basic medicine knowledge. You can find knowledge regarding imaging, data interpretation, basic diagnosis and more in the app.

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