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Guess That Vegetable

"Guess That Vegetable" is the best Trivia Game,in this Trivia Game You will be able to Know different Vegetables. In this "Guess That Vegetable" , You Will get Question screen on that One of the Vegetables Picture by Identifying that Picture, You Have to Choose Right Answer, from 4 Possible Opti...

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Falcon Northwest Tiki (2015)

The Falcon Northwest Tiki packs an Nvidia Titan X graphics card and an octo-core Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor into a 4-inch-wide package. It can compete, delivering smooth gameplay at 1080p and higher resolutions, with all the eye candy turned on. Its well-built compact design takes up...

Type: Hardware


Evolutionary Biology

This App was created as a project to teach evolutionary biology concepts by a group of students enrolled in Bioinformatics at Brigham Young University.

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Cell Defender

This is an app with fun game that teaches students about the five main structures of the cell and what each structure does.

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I Am Learning: GCSE English Literature

I am learning: GCSE English Literature is an entertaining and engaging game based revision and assessment tool, which is PROVEN TO RAISE RESULTS. 87% of teachers agree I am learning is an effective way to learn. Merging interactive games with official curriculum content – and featuring ov...

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