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Statistics 1

"Intro Statistics E-Textbook with: lessons, flashcards, decision trees, a glossary, and a list of formulas and symbols. It's the perfect tool for students in an intro statistics course, or professionals who need a Stats 101 book on their phone."

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The Elements by Theodore Gray

Of all the periodic table apps, there is only one which Stephen Fry described as “Alone worth the price of an iPad!”. The Elements: A Visual Exploration is not just a reference app, it is a rich and engaging love story of the periodic table, told in words and pictures, and allowing you to experie...

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Study Econ Frank

The Study Econ app that accompanies your Principles of Economics, Frank, 5th edition textbook will allow you to study on the go… whether you’re waiting for a class to start, sitting on a bus, or just lounging on the couch. An in-app purchase allows access to all the chapters in the app. Features ...

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The Elements in Action by Theodore Gray

The periodic table comes to life with 79 video explorations of the weird, wonderful, and sometimes alarming properties of the elements. Filmed by BAFTA award winner Max Whitby in partnership with Theodore Gray, author of the iconic book and app The Elements, and previously available only in a few...

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Foursquare - Find Places to Eat, Drink and Visit

Foursquare is an app developed for travelers or people who want to meet new friend. Users can use it as a portable ultimate city guide, use it for finding the best fit place to eat, drink, shop or visit around the world. Users can make use of the short reviews from the local experts to judge if ...

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