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Peak - Brain Training

Get your brain in tip-top shape with over 30 fun games developed by neuroscience experts that challenge your cognitive skills. Short daily workouts and personalized games that adapt to your skill level help you improve faster, and in-depth performance analytics let you track your progress.

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Guess That Vegetable

"Guess That Vegetable" is the best Trivia Game,in this Trivia Game You will be able to Know different Vegetables. In this "Guess That Vegetable" , You Will get Question screen on that One of the Vegetables Picture by Identifying that Picture, You Have to Choose Right Answer, from 4 Possible Opti...

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CBS Sports

Get lightning fast scores, stats, news, tweets & push notifications for all major sports - personalized to your favorite teams. PLUS - all year long - watch live sporting events such as SEC football games (Sept-Dec), NCAA basketball (January-April), PGA TOUR (May-August), and shows (Jim Rome, Boo...

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Cell Defender

This is an app with fun game that teaches students about the five main structures of the cell and what each structure does.

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Practise English Grammar

Improve your English grammar now with more than 1000 questions, 750+ flashcards and 100+ games. Learning by doing & tracking your progress!

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