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mySugr Junior

The mySugr Junior App is a diabetes logbook app specially made for children. It makes it possible for children to learn to manage their diabetes in a playful way. At the same time, it helps parents to feel confident and gives them control over the therapy. Diabetes therapy can be quite complicat...

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Kids Math

With Kids Math children can choose levels Easy, Medium and Hard of mathematics exercises that included 4 operations(additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions), Maximum Number, Minimum Number.With this application, kids can choose different levels of exercise. There are additions, subtra...

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Stock Options

The Stock Options Mobile App from HKEx is a free app that gives you access to the most popular tools from the HKEx Stock Options Corner, coupled with personalised features such as ""My Portfolio"" to keep track of a stock or/and options portfolio of user's choice. The Stock Options search engine ...

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Pathology 101 by GoLearningBus

This is an educational apps that includes quite a lot of useful information for medical students. Just search and click into the topic you are interested in, then you can read a short passage explaining the whole concept to you.

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Probability Mathematics

This application for probability is a great work from a team of teachers and educators.here we tried our best efforts to includes almost all topics of probability and basics of random process

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