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Hydrocarbons Chemical Formulas

This application is for students studying organic chemistry, for teachers and organic chemists for more than 180 structural formulas and hydrocarbons that are the fundamental class of organic compounds.

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Hydrocarbons chemical formulas

Biotechnology Dictionary

This dictionary contain words related to technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms with their meaning and short description of each word.

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Cardiac Images

This app contains quite a lot of X-ray scanning and CT scanning films. Users can familiarise themselves with the relative location of different organs by studying these films.

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Total Chemistry

Total Chemistry app provides all you need to know in a simple way. This app is totally fill with refreshing topics in a concise and understandable manner. Topics such as functional groups, organic reactions, organic solvents, periodic table are covered. It basically targets at students planning t...

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Life Encyclopedia

Life Encyclopaedia allows you to bowse through different biological classifications such kingdoms, phylums, classes, orders, family and genuses. For many organism, you can see their direct subclass, such as for animals, you can vertebrates.

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Life encyclopedia