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Nutrition DATA

Food descriptions, nutrients, weights and measures data. Users can search by food item, keyword search, group, best source of nutrition or list to find the nutrient information for your food items. Contains data on 7,906 food items and up to 146 food components. Also, no internet connection ...

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MyPlate Calorie Tracker

It is a very user-friendly app to help you track your calories intake via meals.

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Halal Checker

Halal Checker is an application for Muslims to help them find halal food and avoid eating food that might not be halal. In Halal Checker, an ingredient can either be marked as 'halal' or 'not halal'. 'Halal' should be interpreted as 'The origin of this ingredient is probably halal' and 'not hala...

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Elements of Nutrition

Do you know what type of food you need to eat to help you see in the dark or help your body build strong bones and teeth? Play Elements of Nutrition for free to find out! Collect as much healthy food as you can whilst avoiding the unhealthy snacks, in this fast-paced, fun and educational game for...

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Check GMO

Check GMO LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona based Corporation created in providing customers with knowledge about the foods they put in their body with easy to use tools such as the Mobile App Barcode UPC Scanner. Check GMO’s Mobile App provides users with a simple scanning tool by a press of the button ...

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