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MyTrainer Diet Fitness Workout

My Trainer Dasi is a personalized workout program that meets your needs like a personal trainer ( fitness & diet coach ). Getting enough workout is essential for a healthy weight loss and fitness program. It is not an easy task finding the right workout for specific body types. Simply mimicking...

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Nutritionist+ makes a tailored diet plan for users' goals and adjusts it when necessary based on their feedback. Whether users are losing fat or gaining muscle, Nutritionist+ makes TAILORED DIET PLANS that fit their goals and lifestyles. Nutritionist+ adjusts users' tailored diet plans base...

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Health Kit

Health Kit : Total Health In One Kit! Health Kit (BETA) is a health and fitness app with health, safety, diet, and exercise guidelines. Health Kit also includes steps / blood-pressure / and BMI charts. Health Kit Features: • Health Kit beta-test mode • Tools and exercise charts • Nature soun...

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Care After Kidney Transplant

This app guides the users how to lead a healthy life after kidney transplant.

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MyPlate Calorie Tracker

It is a very user-friendly app to help you track your calories intake via meals.

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