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ASCVD Risk Calculator Pooled Cohort Equations - Cardiac Risk Assist

This is an research based app that help you calculate your relative risk of acquiring different kinds of CVDs. Further, the app introduces various common CVDs and provided the usually treatment for each type. Medical students and also treat the app as an revision tool of Cardiovascular diseases.

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My Heart Counts

This is an app designed by one of the most renowned medical school in the world - Stanford University. The app doesn't just record your daily activity like the distance travelled, it also compare your record with other users record and the database and tell you whether your activity level is norm...

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3D Heart & Circulatory Premium 2 By Visible Body

Another app from the visible body series. This app targets on the cardiovascular system of the body and there are loads of readings and animations about how the circulatory system works. What is more amazing is the clinical correlation part of the app. For example, the app doesn't just tell you h...

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