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Animated Essential Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology

This app serves as a learning tool for biomedical student of medical students. There are a lot of different tools in the app, like physiology animations, light microscope slides, 3D structures of different tissues, etc. The app contains resources for all body systems, like renal, CV, Pulmonary, e...

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Atlas of Hypertension

This app includes much information about hypertension, such as its cause, result, treatments, etc. There are some animations in the app to help you understand some concepts like how atherosclerosis develops.

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Physiology Learning Pro

This app will explain important concepts in physiology with the help of animations. It is ideal for medical, nursing, dental, allied health students and the interns preparing for post-graduate (PG) entrance exam. The app has a collection of animations with narration and illustrations to explain i...

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Biology and Human Body Anatomy simpleNeasy app by WAGmob

This app contains a wide range of knowledge regarding biochemistry and human anatomy. The depth knowledge are from secondary difficulty to professional level.

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Organic Chemistry Visualized

This app provides a visual approach to organic chemistry. It is not meant to replace a textbook - it should be seen as a visual aid. The molecules and reactions are just briefly described. The main focus are the numerous animations of the molecules and reactions. Currently only alkanes, alkenes a...

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