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If you're a high school mathematics student then you will need this app! Quick and easy access to over 120 question papers and their detailed mark schemes. The content is all pdf so you can zoom and easily read all the mathematics and charts. We cover all the topics for any curriculum in the worl...

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Mastering Psychiatry

It is a comprehensive textbook covers common psychiatric conditions encountered in adults, children, adolescents and old people.

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English Literature & Composition Key Terms Game

Are you getting ready for that big test this May? You know, the one that gives you college credit? You can use this app to help review for the English Literature & Composition Exam by solving fun and challenging puzzles to reveal answers to challenging questions. Reinforcing Knowledge T...

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Full Biology Questions

Full Biology questions and solutions is one stop app that uses extensive and detailed biology questions to help students planning to learn biology to become better with the subject. The app touches on every topics in high school biology.

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Statistics Study Guide

Boost Your grades with this illustrated quick-study guide. You will use it from an undergraduate school all the way to graduate school and beyond.

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