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Pulmonary Calc

This app is a calculator for medical students and healthcare professionals. Just type in the index you wanted to calculate, then input the respective number, you can get the answer. However, the app only includes Pulmonary indexes.

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Interactive Statistics PRO

"Interactive Statistics PRO" or simply statistics calculator is ideal for students and graduates, you will find a variety of useful tools for statistics calculus and you can enter a value by touch, the interactive feature make it easy to avoid typing or human errors.

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Descriptive Statistics Pro.

The most popular statistics for Quality Engineers and Scientists.

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HVAC Professional

HVAC PROFESSIONAL FORMULATOR includes all 200 formulas of the HVAC Fomulator and adds 18 charts, as well as the complete International Mechanical Code. HVAC PROFESSIONAL FORMULATOR is the perfect tool for any Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Professional. The "PRO" version includes charts...

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Engineering Professional

ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL combines all of the formulas from our Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Hydrology and Mechanical Engineering formulator apps. This program is perfect for any Engineering student. Over 650 formulas allow you to determine everything from calculations on shafts to ...

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