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GMO Finder

GMO (Genetically modified organism) finder will detect GMO product using barcode scanner. Barcode provider should indicate properly in the product code section about GMO to identify a product is GMO or Organic. If barcode is based on EAN 13 then application also try to find out the product countr...

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Label GMO

The Label GMO app is filled with vital, eye-opening, whistle-blowing facts on the dangers of GMOs & Genetically Engineered Foods. Inside the app, you'll also find clear action steps you can take, right now, to join with people everywhere to help get GMOs properly tested, regulated and LABELED vi...

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Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter

Virtuagym Food: Helping you to live healthy and feel great. Get a free personalized nutrition plan by answering a few questions about your lifestyle and goals. We support plans for many goals: weight loss, maintaining weight, weight gain and building muscle. Eat what you want, but keep an eye on ...

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ServSafe Study Guide

With over 200 up to date food safety questions, the ServSafe Revision app is the best way to prepare for your ServSafe Food Handling exam. The app offers the following features: - Configure the number of questions you want per test. - Set yourself a time limit to answer the questions. - Revie...

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Clean Eating Recipes Meal Plan

Recipes:Over 200 clean eating recipes including healthy breakfast foods, healthy lunch ideas, healthy dinner recipes, healthy snacks, smoothies, muffin recipes, sides and healthy desserts! We also have recipes the kids will love and we’ve created healthy clean eating versions of popular take-away...

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