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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy

This app includes a bunch of useful information for healthcare professionals, including controlled drugs, adverse drug reactions, interactions, communication skills, and confidentiality. It also features chapters on adherence, etc.

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Oxford Handbook of Critical Care, Third Edition

This app describes the procedures of treating critical conditions, including specific disorders of organ systems, therapeutic and monitoring devices, other information regarding drugs and administrations, etc.

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Oxford Handbook of Urology, Second Edition

This app includes various information like risk factor, diagnosis, treatment and management, pathology, etc. regarding various renal diseases.

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Medical Calculators

Pediatric Oncall's Medical Calculators an offline tool that is easy to use and instant results will be showed for all calculations during your practice.

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Dr Companion® Mobile Medical

This app basically serves as a medical library of yours. You can purchase various handbooks and reference books in the app and add them to your library so you can visit the books anytime easily.

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