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Mastering Excel 2010

"About this App(Book ) The ""Mastering..."" series is designed for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users. This AppBook covers all the essential components of Excel and provides easy examples that you can adapt to your own needs. I'm pretty much sure that you'll be glad to know that this Ap...

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Learn Excel VBA in a day

Excel VBA in the quickest time with this concise book on Excel VBA that zooms in straight on the most important concepts with EXAMPLES! Soon, you can develop your own Excel VBA financial/quantitative models, reports, macros and much more! We cover Variables, Functions, If-Else conditions, Loops, ...

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Geometry Mathematics

This application for Geometry gives us clear idea about the concepts of Euclidean Geometry. Deals all about geometrical figures, expressions and other significant parameters. This application help the students of all Standards to learn all about Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Cube , Circle, Sphere,...

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Mathematics Home Study

Mathematics Home Study – Mobile app covers the topics of this popular PC software (now available separately as part of the eBook package, see details within) as used in schools and colleges worldwide for over twenty years and made available for use on a tablet and smartphone with optimized text f...

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You can learn many tutorials such as Basic Operations on Fractions and Decimals, Rational Numbers and Logarithms and Antilogarithms etc, formula calculation with variables, sums, products and sequences. It also contains solve equations, plot functions, derivate, integrate, calculate roots and ext...

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